Security requirements in the home, on means of transport or at the workplace, have specific characteristics that differ one from another. For this reason, we at Cediss tailor our relationship with each individual customer: we examine each request and carry out a careful and thorough analysis, which allows us to offer the best solution to each problem presented. A bespoke project is an effective project.
We attach equal importance to all of our customers and our primary objective is their satisfaction, which we undertake to achieve by offering assistance in all stages of their project from planning to commissioning.


Feb 14

Foundation: since the early 60’s Luigi Rossi planned and sought solutions for anti-intrusion security.

Feb 14

Introduction of Gas and Fire detection lines

Feb 14

Introduction of video into the product range.

Feb 14

Supply agreement with the University of Bologna – All the major fire-fighting systems in Bologna at universities, hospitals and schools are Cediss branded.

Feb 14

Extending of sales nationwide.

Feb 14

Entry into the world of motoring: Iveco becomes our customer.

Feb 14

First product with the CEDISS brand.

Feb 14

Van Hool and Solaris become our first foreign customers.

Feb 14

Quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001.

Feb 14

The beginning of our collaboration with Bosch.

Feb 14

New head office.

Feb 14

Entry into the Kitchen world.


Our aim is to offer flexible, leading edge solutions to the security needs of every sector. For this reason we are not content merely to offer products; rather we want to offer technically reliable solutions tailored to each individual customer. We fulfil complex orders following the design, carrying out the implementation and testing and guaranteeing our support and advice every step of the way. We also provide our customers with training on regulatory matters, on the most appropriate maintenance and on the specific features of new products.


Building Security: anti-intrusion, fire protection, detection of toxic and explosive gases, EVAC, CCTV, access control and domotics.

Automotive Security: video monitoring, video surveillance, fire protection and gas detection, information boards, passenger counting and fleet management.

Kitchen security: fire protection.


Our investigative spirit has always driven us to find innovative solutions capable of satisfying the growing need for security, in everyday environments such as houses, offices and means of transport. So it’s in our nature to search continually for new forms of PROTECTION and PREVENTION, even where they are less visible, such as in professional kitchens and bus engines.